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1 Tank w/off-spec DPS 
1 Heals 
w/off-spec DPS 

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Angels On Guard:
This is the official website for Angels on Guard. We are an Alliance guild on the Bronzebeard server. We focus on a fun, friendly, respectful atmosphere for the enjoyment of all our members. We are family friendly as well as comfortable using real words. Leet speak does not impress or interest us, except as an occasional joke. We will not punish you for misspelling words, but we may tease you about your typing :) ! Similarly, excessive, or crude language is not appreciated. Mistakes happen, but mistakes indicates it is an rare exception, and not the general behavior of our community.
We are casual, but that does not mean we take raiding as a joke; but rather that we have busy schedules and life outside of WoW. Raiding schedule is currently Wed-Thurs, starting at 6:30 server time (6:30PST, 9:30EST). Weekends are usually more social times, finding guildies working on alts, achievements, or spending time relaxing in game or running the Auction House. Occasional pug raids or transmog events happen anytime the mood strikes.
If you are a guild member, you must register and apply for membership to the guild site at the top of this page to be able to sign up for raiding! Once your membership to the site has been approved, you will then need to create your toons on the preferences/settings page. We use the calendar functionality of the site to signup for raids so registration to the site is critical. Also, please remember to include who you are - i.e. your main, or your alt if applying with a toon you have server transferred or switching from another guild.
If you wish to apply to our guild for membership please review our guild rules and apply above. If you have any questions, be sure to tell an officer in guild chat in game for help.
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Stone Guards - Down! (2nd kill)
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